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    Smile NEW Video

    Heres a Video I made from our weekend at California Speedway.
    YouTube - California Speedway
    And heres one I made from all the footage I have of my bestfriend Dustin.
    YouTube - His Life Be like

    Let me know what you guys think and what I can change to make them better next time.
    Thanks Dillon

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    Default about the speedway

    well first let me say at least you put something together which is faces before places...going on the thought that faces are more interesting than places..

    it looked more like fight club than a speedway, and maybe a little too much fighting footage..

    interesting title font at the start, music moved it along, some shots to me were bin material, but maybe they had a special importance to you..

    well at least I know if I am headed to the speedway i'll take mt boxing gloves.

    overall, well done, I am feeling generous.

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    Thank You, I actually agree with you that there is to much fighting. Next time I'll find some good spots to get the race cars and put that into the video, since it is at the speedway.
    Thanks again Dillon
    What did you think of the video below it that I posted also.

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    Default his life video

    I had a look, considering its a little snapshot of someones life its fine, it tells me that you are pretty active people, enjoy outdoor activities, a good bout of boxing and looks like your in the US somewhere, maybe a southern desert state..

    that stunt of jumping off the trailer with a scooter looked pretty good, no nose hairs, a few fillings, a little bit of ass, in a way this video had it all..

    funny how youtube has a no nipple policy, but ass cracks are allowed..!

    videos like these are like bottles of red wine, the longer they sit on the shelf the better they become, and in a way they are priceless to the persons involved..

    if you are that active in 20 years time, please let us know you survived..

    cheers, Leo.


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