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Thread: How was this shot?

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    Default How was this shot?

    Can anyone help me out with how this video was shot? (scroll right the video of sample me matt rebaud);cID=1001829

    I'm guessing they used some kind of boom but how do they get the camera to move like that? Like along the ground and up the landing then up into the air.
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    Would love to awnser this question but im afriad the link does not work :(.

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    Sample Me Matt Rebeaud

    Link Corrected.
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    It's simply a powered head on the boom. I use one on my crane and can get some pretty amazing angles with it. The camera can rotate 360 degrees horizontal and 360 degrees in the vertical. Add that to the boom moving along and almost anything is possible.

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    Alright thanks for the help. Let me guess though the booms are very expensive?
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