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Thread: DVD Intro Movie Creation?

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    Default DVD Intro Movie Creation?

    I am new here and saw that there are a lot knowledgeable people on this forum. As a result, I was hoping that someone can help me with a certain dilemma.

    I am trying to create a DVD with Nero 7 Ultimate Edition (Nero Vision), I was able to create the menus and everything just fine. However, what I am trying to do is add an intro movie that can be viewed before the actual Main Menu of the DVD loads (kind of how they have nowadays with certain DVD movies that are released). I kept the dvd simple and don't have any "Chapters" just the main menu. Like I said, I want to have a video play before the main menu loads and I am not sure if Nero Vision supports this? If not, is there a software that does allow this feature? If so, can someone maybe give me a brief explanation as how to do this specifically? I appreciate any and all help and thank you guys in advance.
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