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Thread: Mask/Anchor tool troubles

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    Default Mask/Anchor tool troubles

    I started making a Video and iI wanted to remove a object in motion from one movie, discard the background and have the motion pieace by it self. So I would use the anchoring tool, and use that for every frame (which is very time consuming, even pulling out a object of a 10 second clip). My question is; when i play the video in the preview it looks fine but when i render it, it seems that there are missing keyframes. Ill went through to double check, and there was nothing in between. I had the object against a white background, and it clips the white background when i render the video. Also is there an easier way to go about doing this, doing it every frame is so timeconsuming.

    Anchor the frames on the first video track -> put the desired video on the next video track(underneath) -> preivew it to make sure it looks smooth- > render

    Vegas 7.0

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Perhaps an easier way (since you say you have the object on a solid colour) would be to chroma-key out that colour? Like that you need no masking at all. Just a thought.

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    CK is a good way to go. However . . .

    The solid colour here is White. One would have to be real lucky for that "white" NOT to be also present within what you are wanting to keep. This leads onto strange fluttering within the "kept" video.

    One neat way out of this to do some interim ck work that entails making a "garbage" matt. This produces a STRONG CK-able background to work with. In essence what you are doing is creating an artificial background to then CK out and provide a transparent bg.

    The other way, if one had the bg WITHOUT the object in question, is to use the Difference tool. I've seen some spectacular interviews that made use of the Difference tool.

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