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Thread: Movie Studio, uncompressed DV Capture?

  1. Default Movie Studio, uncompressed DV Capture?

    Hi all,

    I've got Sony Vegas Movie Studio, was just wondering how I go about making sure that when it's captured from my MiniDV Camcorder I'm getting the best quality capture (i.e. uncompressed).

    I'd much rather work with better quality larger size files then if need be compress it down at the end.

    If I go into the Video Capture screen I get options along the top, and by selecting Video and then Microsoft DV Camera and VCR Capture Properties I get a box which has amongst other things Video Standard, Frame Rate, and Quality, but all the options are greyed out, and the Quality bar is all the way to the left. Am I able to access these options somehow?

    Am I looking in the right box or is there another setting screen in the program I should be looking at?



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    Oh, as an addition, the files i'm transferring from my camcorder to the computer are running in (for example) at 36.7mb for 10 seconds of video, and I understand DV should run at about 3mb a second so that's about right, but when I'm watching the AVIs straight into Windows Media they seem really blurry, not very defined, and colours seem to bleed a lot.

    Is it something to do with windows media player? I've read comments that miniDV should be almost broadcast quality, but the videos I'm getting from my camcorder via firewire seem really not that good :(

    What am I doing wrong?

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