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Thread: how to make a home made bomb :D

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    Default how to make a home made bomb :D

    heres my latest video how to make a homemade bomb

    YouTube - how to make a home made bomb

    please watch and post constructive criticsm thanks

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    Well, I enjoyed it.

    I found the titles didn't quite work for me. I mean the way they looked. also the cat scene had a jump in it which was a bit jarring. finally the humour could have been a bit harder (or rather, completely sick) such as taking out the cat's collar from the ashes and dumping it. Maybe sound effects of a screeching cat, that sort of thing.

    Those are just small things though, all in all it's worth a giggle.

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    Default about cats in ovens and bombs

    ok, well I can't really talk on making short youtube videos which are aimed at the quick laugh, but I will try..

    I think the titles hold the video up, if it was tight audio talk along (well scripted) and crammed into 2 mins it will be a winner..even less would be even better.
    Reading lessons of titles are not a good way to keep a audience, the visuals if shot correctly tell the story, you may even be able to do away with a verbal.

    Considering people are really just waiting to see the punch line 3 min is a long time to wait..

    My little tip for youtube videos is never start with a still title or worse multiple still titles, go straight into the video, you have to treat it like a TV commercial, and grab the audience attention right at the start and keep it..the title to follow along with this video is not needed, the viewer is doing this already.

    Another tip I will give if you have a long video like the ones I suffer people with have a little video hook at the start to drag them in..
    My suggestion is to have a piece of footage of a atomic bomb to lure the viewers in, this will set up their little trick or treat.

    Hope this is of some help in the very tricky world of making something which works on youtube..well done on what you have achieved,

    It was the bomb word which grabbed my always does..!

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    thanks rolling stock ill keep it in mind for future videos.

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    if you type into google "perfect youtube video" I am pretty sure there are some good sites which come up related what you are trying to achieve, how to create a buzz with a video is a difficult task, but I am sure you have the correct ingredients to do so.

    like i said, I have not attempted to make a laughs video like you, so I felt a little strange trying to give some advice.

    i forgot to ad as the main advice, have a sexy young girl be the person who is featured in the video........THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to having your video work wonders.

    good luck, if you want have a look at my videos on YT, under leokimvideo

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    Good luck explaining that to the police when they come to interview you in hospital.

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    It's been taken down. Oh well, probably not a good idea to create questionable material on the tube.

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