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Thread: Edit mpeg2 without encoding file

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    Default Edit mpeg2 without encoding file

    I have just gotten a new sony harddisk video camera.
    It makes mpeg2 files which i want to edit. I have Premiere elements 3.
    But to my horror i just found out that it reencodes alle my mpeg2 files. If i open a mpeg2 filen. Cut 1 sec out and save it as a mpeg2 file again, it reencodes the whole file, and i can see the result is worse than the source.

    What program should i use to edit my mpeg files and later make a dvd without it reencodes the files just because i cut in it ?

    I like a simple program, since im not doing much else than cutting and sometime making a dvd.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    The program is very good at cutting and saving without reencoding.

    But i must admit that i was hoping for a program with a little more functions.
    I have a funny clip with my oldest son falling on his behind (dont worry he is ok )
    I would like to make the clip so i repeats the "fall" 3-4 times just for the fun of it.

    It dosent seem i can do that in videoredo.

    Im a bit supprised that the big programs (premiere elements, Pinnacle studio and like) cant do this.

    There must be many many other users than me that uses a harddisk camera and wants to keep the original quality.

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