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Thread: Importing still images and using stop motion

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    Unhappy Importing still images and using stop motion


    I am doing a stop motion animation of a flower. I have 3000 images. I imported these images into the premiere pro project but it wont allow me to control the speed and duration of all the images at once. It allows me to do an individual frame (image).
    There must be away to do all at once because i am not going through each individual frame and changing its speed, thats 3000 frames!!!


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    You can set the default duration of still images (in frames) in Premiere.

    Look in preferences (I think) - titles and still images.

    You have to set this BEFORE importing the images into the project, otherwise the duration will not be applied.

    Do you want them to all be of the same duration?

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    The answer here is to import your images as a sequence rather than as a whole load of individual stills.

    I think it may only work for certain image types and the imnages do have to be numbers sequentially. i.e. My_Frame_0001, My_Frame_0002 etc etc

    Import My_Frame_0001 and Premiere should ask you if you wish to import the entire sequence. Once done then your 'asset' inside Premiere is just like any other movie clip so just drag and drop it on a timeline. Job done.

    Check your manual for the best file type to use though.

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