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Thread: Avid man - Amazing Pole dancing video on NYC subway

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    Default Avid man - Amazing Pole dancing video on NYC subway

    Don't worry this video is NOT x-rated -but it is sexy, funny and edited really nicely actually - I guess these girls did a dare for this new video website called It's like jackass meets youtube but you can win $10k by pulling off one of the dares they provide - you can also dare your friends or suggest a dare too - anyway pretty cool site! check out this video it's great: the girls are at Dare Junkies :: Challenge Your Friends the "Pole-ite" video is on the homepage....We should all submit our video’s to this site who knows maybe could win $10K or even a portion of our work.

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    great, this is a business oportunity just waiting to be grabbed up. Pole dances on the tube wow it would stop me from driving to work. Great vid
    DUDE were's my car

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    I laughed at the opportunistic kid videoing away with his mobile phone (at the 1-minute mark) ....I bet his movie got on the web first!

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