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Thread: Vegas Video 4 Plug-ins

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    Default Vegas Video 4 Plug-ins

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here can recomend any vegas video 4 plug-ins, if you can any help would be apreciated thanks.

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    It really depends on what you want to do

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    I'm looking for any kind of plug-in really nothing in particular because I just want to see what kinds of plug-ins there are to find new ways to edit my videos with all the different kinds of interesting effects. Also just to make my videos look more professional.

    Also I was womndering if anyone can help me I was trying to use some scripts on my work only to find that vegas was asking me for the dot net framework to be installed and i already have it installed.

    I then tryed to reinstall it but it did not do a thing, so if anyone can help me it would be much apreciated thanks.

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    Your first question was answered over at the DMN forums recently:

    I'm quite ashamed to post a link to another forum

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    those forums = helter skelter....
    these forums = nice and easy to use
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