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    Default DVD Architect - include VEGAS files

    I've been working on an internally televised talent contest and now its finished I'm trying to make a DVD. This will include 5 x 25 mins shows and a 1 hour final, as well as about 10 minutes in short trailers and extra features.

    I've got DVD architect 4, although my experience in this is limited, having only produced single film DVDs in the past. To make it easer to transport the shows I rendered them as WMV (so each 25 episode is about 600 meg and can be burnt to a disc) which took about 5 hours each episode (my PC isn't great!). Therefore, how is the best way to make the DVD?

    I havn't got rendered DV AVI files for every ep and producing these would probably take in excess of 25 hours rendering which would be a real nuisance. However, I know DVD is MPEG2 encoding and I'm not sure if it would be low quality to just insert my WMV renders (and would this long to render too). Another method would be to include the .VEG files but I'm not sure if this is even possible, or if it is would it take 25 hours to render everything.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    You have nearly three hours of video there and on a single DVD it is best not to exceed 2 hours, as the quality will drop.

    You will need to render them into MPEG 2 with no audio and then render the sound as an AC3 file (to help maximise space). I am guessing now but I estimate a bit rate of 3.5Mbs if fixed but use variable as this will use less if the image is fairly static.

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    With 3 hours of video I know there will be a slight quality drop, but for the purpose making a double-disc DVD is unsuitable.

    If I render them to MPEG2, and render to audio separately in Vegas, will it mean I don't have to render much when making the DVD in Architect? Also, should I use "DVD Architect PAL video stream as MPeg2 template or change it to VBR to save space?

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    If the render is done right, then no re-render is done by DVD-A, just file making structures for the DVD. You can use the DVD-A template to start with and then alter to the instructions above, remembering to remove the audio check box. Once you have done that give the template a new name so you can use it again. I would also recommend a two pass to help in the final quality.

    If the projects are all on one time line, make each project a region and then use the script to bacth render so you can go away and let it get on with it.

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    Ok thanks, I already have a DVD-A Pal Video-only Stream template that's set to VBR even though I didn't make it myself, and AC-3 set to Stereo.

    The MPEG2 rendertime was about half of the WMV time which is good, and quality looks good even on one pass.

    Thanks, this should save me some rendering time!

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    I would do about 10 minutes of render at the selected bit rate and see the size of the file and then multiply it up to the total time require, you should then have a good idea if it will fit on the disk, don't forget you need to allow for some space for the menu's

    so say 100Meg for the 10 minutes X 6 (for the hour) = 600Meg then X 3 (hours of footage) = 1.8Gb as a rough guide

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    3 hours won't be too bad if there is not alot of action like talking heads. Make sure you do a 2 pass encoding, it will take longer to render but will come out better.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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