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Thread: Capturing VHS video -through- my camcorder? GL2

  1. Default Capturing VHS video -through- my camcorder? GL2

    I'd like to transfer VHS video to my computer.
    I was told that it could be possible through my camcorder.

    I have a Canon GL2 which has AV and S-VIDEO inputs.
    However, I'm not quite sure how to activate throughput.

    Do you think its possible? I have a SCART to S-VIDEO cable.

    Any ideas?

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    It's often referred to as analogue to digital passthrough.

    Connect the VCR to the camcorder via s-video or phono inputs. Your scart to s-video cable should come in handy here.

    Connect the camera to the PC via firewire.

    Remove any tape from the camera.

    Set camera to VCR/Playback mode.

    Set your camera's settings to enable passthrough. User manual should explain how this is done.

    Playback the VCR footage into your camera. The PC will be able to capture this via firewire.

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