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Thread: Best for Chromakey?

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    Default Best for Chromakey?

    Sorry, I have posted this somewhere else as well by mistake.

    Just wondering what the best package is for Chromakey: AfterEffects, Pinnacle, SonyVegas or something entirely different?

    Any tips on the pros and cons of each would be greatly appreciated.


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    After Effects 7 pro comes with the plugin 'Keylight' which (so far) has proved exceptionally good. Only comes with the pro version though. No idea whetehr it comes with After Effects CS3 (released in a couple of months) though.

    I can't comment on any of the other package mentioned and can't offer any blow by blow comparisons.

    For more details on chroma keying in AE7pro using Keylight pop over to Video Copilot Products and Tutorials for Video Professionals and check out Andrew Kramer's video tutorial that walks you through it. Should give you a good idea of what it can do.

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