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Thread: Best Software for Chromakey?

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    Default Best Software for Chromakey?

    I currently have Pinnacle 10, although I need to upgrade for Chromakey. I was told yesterday, however, that Adobe AfterEffects is better for Chromakey. Sony Vegas seems to be coming up a lot too.

    What are the pros and cons of each product?

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    I use vegas and the chroma works fine but thats all I use so I cant comment if it is 'better'.

    I suspect all basic keyers work very similarly. The trick is to use a good chroma background and a carefully set up lighting rig that avoids shadows on the background.

    There are more complex keying systems around that use hardware to improve the keying but they are expensive 'pro' soloutions.

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    I have and use both, while vegas is easier After Effects dose a better job. Like Mark stated you need to lite it well. AE will fix alot of errors in liting and set up.

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