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Thread: Seeking Independent Filmmakers & Videographers

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    Default Seeking Independent Filmmakers & Videographers

    MediaFreeks WorldWide, an online resource for the multimedia industry is seeking independent
    musicians ,filmmakers and videographers who wish to be profiled on our monthly media spotlight. Post your bio, video and up to three songs(musicians) and gain exposure to our growing demographic of industry professionals.

    View Our Spotlight For April--Defective By Design

    MediaFreeks caters to the film, video, recording, broadcast and graphics industries and provides
    syndicated industry news, a message board, product reviews and photo classifieds.

    We are now seeking to highlight an independent filmmaker or videographer in addition to our musicians spotlight. If you have an interesting project or reel you would like to showcase, contact us at

    Coming up in May--Veteran rockers, the DuBay Band with choice cuts from their latest CD MovinOn.

    MediaFreeks WorldWide is a strong supporter of independent talent and believes that ALL exposure

    is GOOD exposure!

    Resource 4 Film,Video,Graphics,Recording and Broadcasting

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    Can you let us know what you pay for showing material submitted? Or what your percentage is when you get people jobs?

    Just to let you know, there are a hell of a lot of so-called agencies who have come onto this site recently. So far (unfortunately) they've all been jumping on the bandwagon, finding mugs who are so desperate to be "something, anything" in the media that they either:
    (a) Pay to advertise is media websites (which have catchy titles but nobody in the trade has heard of),
    (b) Pay to join a so-called agency.

    Hard to believe, I know. Only an absolute mug would pay any sort of fee to show his/her work but these con merchants are clever, they disguise the fees as "administration costs" or suchlike.
    There are even companies pretending to be representing musicians, videographers, whatever, who charge a fee to promote them, although they do absolutely nothing apart from putting example of the punter's work on a website. An easy way to earn money!

    So we would welcome a genuine agency (although there are already a fair few of them around) as competition is always good.
    With so many free sites around only an idiot would pay to advertise at the moment but finding a decent free site is a minefield.

    If you are a "free to join, free to belong" agency, and since you don't mention anything about charging fees in your post here, you must be
    (otherwise it would mean that you're just hiding the fact ) ...Welcome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guru View Post

    If you are a "free to join, free to belong" agency, and since you don't mention anything about charging fees in your post here, you must be
    (otherwise it would mean that you're just hiding the fact ) ...Welcome!
    MediaFreeks is self-sustaining for the moment. Our only plans for fees will come directly from advertisers--much the same as You Tube. We are serious about the promotion of independent talent, and spend a great deal of time promoting our present feature and upcoming features. Below is a quote from an email we just received today from this months featured artist, Defective By Design;


    U guys rock!
    Thnks for the great exposure!

    We will be using some of your quotes in our Bio!

    great writing skills.

    We are presently lining up our first independent film maker and hope to showcase his work very shortly. If you or anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to contact us at

    The MediaFreeks Team

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    well, ranks your site as 4,181,384 thats pretty bad, i bet you don't get many hits.

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    What I'm trying to get you to say is something like...

    There is no charge for any film/videomaker to show their work or promote themselves on this site and there won't be any charges in the future.

    You see, there are a lot of sites which charge a fee to show work, there are others which charge for film/videomakers to advertise etc. None of these are worth paying for. I'm trying to find out why people should use your site, not something free like Youtube. We don't know you and are just trying to make sure that you're not trying to cash in on the wishes and dreams of gullible videomakers.
    I'm sure you understand.
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