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    I was wondering if anyone could help me, or at the very least explain to me why i'm in an 'unhelpable' position!

    I'm new to this entire video editing malarky and so have no knowledge what-so-ever.

    Thing is i bought a camcorder for some stuff that we are doing at work which involved school children filming a documentary as part of their after school clubs, and i promised them a copy of the DVD when we had finished it. The camcorder we bought is a Samsung DVC 09 and the discs i used are 1.4 GB Panasonic DVD-RW, and i imagined that i would be able to put the finished disc into my PC DVD player at home and begin editing. So when i came to edit it i was surprised to see that the computer would not recognise the disc at all and so i cant access or edit any of the footage that i have taken.

    Just wanted to know what the problem is and if there's anyway i can get around it. Otherwise there'll be a lot of disappointed kids, but mi'll leave that up to your conscience


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    It was a bad choice in camera format that you made, but I guess you don't want to hear that.

    What I suggest is that you purchase some editing software that includes the ability to edit from DVD-based media. Adobe Premiere Elements 3 will do this, as will several other mid-priced applications.

    Try downloading a trial version to see how it suits you.

    Adobe - Adobe Premiere Elements
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