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    I work in a high school and I'd ideally like to bring in one new camera, as they want to use Pinnacle Chromakey and I believe that DV camera aren't very well suited to the job. We currently have Sony DCR-HC42E cameras.

    Also, we would like to use radio/clip mics and the Sony DCR-HC42E's don't have the option of overriding the onboard mic.

    We don't have an awful lot of money to spend. Can anyone suggest a camera that is relatively inexpensive and would be suitable for Chromakey and external mics?


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    Camera's are alot like women, some good some bad but in the end they all do the same job!!

    The camera you have will do chromokeying ok, its your setup you need to play around with. Search this site for chromokeying and you will see that this process is not as easy as you think. The main issue you will have to deal with before you start filming are, light your screen evenly, try to get your subject away from the screen so you can have the screen slightly out of focus, and use after effects rather than pinnicle to key out the screen.

    Hope this helps

    DUDE were's my car

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