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Thread: Pixellation problems

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    Default Pixellation problems

    Hi, I'm trying to backup one of my DVDs.

    I've tried this before and it worked fine, but the latest couple I've tried I get pixellation occurring about 45-60 minutes into the DVD.

    Anyone know if its my DVD player or my software, DVD burner or DVDs?


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    you never explained how you performed this 'backup'. Presumably just a bitwise disk copy in something like Nero.

    If you did this and got pixellation then it's possible the the disk burn wasn;t successful or that your brand of blank media is not quite as compatioble with yoru DVD player as you though.

    If this backup is using some compression s/w (i.e. to "backup" a dual layer DVD onto a single layer DVD-R) then maybe the compression s/w messed up.

    Als, your burner might be at fault but probably not. Maybe you just had too many other apps runnign at the time of the disk copy or burn.

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