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Thread: best upgrade for video?

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    Default best upgrade for video?

    I was wondering what the best upgrade is for my system just to make rendering times faster? would it be:

    a graphics card or,
    some more RAM (if so which type?), i only have 256MB, or would I need more RAM anyway if I got a decent graphics card?

    I am not interested in playing games or software bundles, just rendering times for projects in Premiere and to a lesser extent MPEG2 encoding (not bothered about MPEG2 capture).

    I have a basic firewire card and a TV Capture card that both work OK for capture already.

    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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    I would start with RAM. Check the docs that come with your Motherboard and see what type it takes and in what denominations.

    It's a lot cheaper than a real-time render card.

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    Whilst more RAM wont necessarily speed up your render times it will make a big difference to how smoothly apps like premier will run (think about getting 1Gb of RAM if your using premier pro).

    If you really want to speed up renders then you either need a faster (or dual) processor(s) or a dedicated capture card that will render most fx and capture/encode using its hardware.


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