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Thread: Adding handheld motion to a tripod shot

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    Default Adding handheld motion to a tripod shot

    Does anyone know how I'd be able to de-stabilize a tripod shot? Make it look like it was a handheld?

    Perhaps some keyframing with the Position thing under Event Pan/Crop? For it to look realistic, it'd have to be with a motion tracker of sorts.

    Any ideas?

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    Well that's a first! Most people are trying hard to keep a steady shot. Anyways, I have to ask just where in the "story" are you wanting this and at what point? This will give me an idea to the amount of destabilisation you want?

    I'd use Track Motion for large lumps of movement because this allows for the WHOLE Frame to be adjusted. I've used P/C to slight move the action on the video. This gives a static type shot: buildings; rows of PCs; Office Shots; entrances etc that WHERE filmed on a static and carefully secured tripod a bit more life. Is that what you are after? Or are you after the full Earthquake look?

    In any event, if you want handheld then use the keyframes in P/C or Track motion to make changes in direction.

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    Well, I'm doing clones with the garbage matte technique and it needs to be a static shot to work.

    So, I thought I'd add some realism by making it seem like it's a handheld

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    Neat idea to attempt. OK, now I know a bit more, I'd not just gently "move" using P/C or T/M, but I'd also try:

    #1 - Bump Map "Spotlight". Get rid of all the parameters that assist BM and keyframe a spotlight or Ambiance. Now this would "add" the movement. Say the camera appears to move left, make the spot move right. See?

    #2 - TM 3-D - This would assist you to move the "still" in space. Don't use loads of it, just a wee bit.

    #3 - Distort - OK this is a bit more challenging BUT can give the idea/impression of PERSPECTIVE - and it is perspective that provides the sense of movement. Again try this over time and with one or two parameters being employed.

    These are the 3 I can immediately come up with.

    - g

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    How about filming again handheld he says unhelpfully.... ?? ?

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    There is a script to add some wobble in Vegas, it is a free download, I use it on the odd occasion to imitate tremor's. I think it is called VegasShake

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    "Quake" - . .Vegas Quake

    But Vegas"Shake" does give a new meaning to "Going Large" at McDonalds!! -

    "I'll have extra fries and something that'll make the ground m.o . v . . ~~ . . e - yeah a Vegas Shake!"

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    Just downloaded VegasQuake... perfect!


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