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    I'm looking to buy a Canon GL2 camcorder for my independent films...

    I know that the camera has a mic mounted on top of it, and adapters can be placed on it... but I just want to be sure: Can I hook up boom microphones w/ extensions to this camera, rather than using it's shotgun mic?

    Thanks for the help.

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    as long as you have a mic on the boom with a 3.5mm jack to fit into the camera yes.
    if the mic is an xlr the you will need an adapter or to recored to a dedicated audio device. keep in mind you may need to use a phantom power source if the mic does not hold a battery.

    im certainly not expert on this but i think what i have told you is pretty much correct but others may be able to let you know lots more about how to get the best set up

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    So, what do you think about these?:

    Azden Shotgun Microphones - Shotgun Mic Azden SGM-1X, SGM-2X and SGM-1000
    XLR Adapter - XLR Adapter to mini plug for video cameras

    These should be able to hook up to the cam, I suppose?

    Thanks for the reply, btw. I appreciate it.

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    they look just fine... but before you goahead and buy them get a few more people to advise you. better to be safe than sorry

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    Thanks a lot, mate. I added you to my friends list on My Space, btw. Professional looking site/Space you have.

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    thanks. we are just in the process of updeating and pretty much redoing the website so it should be up and running real soon..... i hope

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