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Thread: Dat recorder or new Camcorder ?

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    Default Dat recorder or new Camcorder ?

    Looks like i have another filming job in the summer but my equipment is a bit old and i alway suffer with sounds problems as i only have one external mic, which is either on or off and no level adjustment i uses a JVC DV3000 and a JVC External MIc, there is no manual record functions , it does well for what it is

    Summary of the problem is i want to be able to record sounds much better its a dance music event and i want to be able to get things right as the people i do it for are very up on sound engineering and i had to scrap about 40mins of footage last year because i swicthed to internal mic when using the light on the shoe

    So want to do
    - External Mic for interviews etc someone will be holding it in the punters face
    - No tape transport noise in the distance shots of the event
    - Level adjustment for very loud sounds

    I am wondering if investing in a DAT recorder with a decent MIC would do the job then save it via optical link to my pC later as a wav and later on use it for editing but that may be more hassle trying to stick it all back togther

    Or should i just put the money i would spend on a DAT and just try and get hold of a second hand 3CCD semi pro camcorder as most have good sound options then, bit worried about forking out on something like this which is secondhand . i dont need HD or anything that fancy really

    VX1000 looks cheap`ish and usefull
    XL1 i think i would struggle to hold , mine get heavy after about 3-4 hours

    Any ideas , whats the best camcorder for Audio control

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    Sound recording relies on an "Audio chain" consisting of:

    Microphone - preamp - analogue to digital converter - recording medium

    As with any chain, your sound will only be as good as the weakest link. Personally I would start from left to right along the chain and buy a decent microphone. For video work Sennheiser is probably your best bet, followed by Audio Technica. For recording, don't bother with dat, it's rarely used nowadays. Have a look at something like the Marantz pmd660 to fulfil the last three parts of the chain.

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    I'm with the Guru, avoid DAT, for one thing there may be "some" tape transport noise, for another you can only transfer in real time. A good digital would do you better.If you can't afford the Marantz, have a look at the Edirol R09. I haven't tried one yet but I've read some good stuff.


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