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Thread: Old Pinnacle Box - any1 know the model?

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    Default Old Pinnacle Box - any1 know the model?

    hi everyone,
    my brother got a triangular-shaped green pinnacle PCTV box with a large red button on it from one of his friends, but there's not many model specs on it so its nearly impossible to do a search for drivers to it.

    Does anyone know the model name,make, year or have drivers or links?

    Thanks for any and all help
    oyvind, Oslo - Norway.

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    Can you post a photo of that thing?

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    Default Studio PCTV USB

    I had one of those usb video capture boxes it did me well with my analog videos.
    I can find the damm thing at the mo,but just try and go the pinnacle forums for the

    PCTV & MediaCenter: Capture

    Or just try to google for it,good luck I can remember myself having the same problem as you.

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    Default Old Green Pinnacle Box Modle!!!

    Hey evryone i have found the modle nome for the device it's Studio PCTV (202260752) Video Capture i havent tryed geting drivers i had the same problem as you all

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