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Thread: Would like some info on Formats please

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    Default Would like some info on Formats please

    Hey there guys, im new here and would appreciate any help.

    About 4 years ago i bought my first camcorder, JVC GR-DVX507EK. It has served me well, however the white balance seems to have messed up somehow. When i film outside its just pure white. No matter what i change it stays the same.

    So anyway, im not looking for a new camcorder. Since i bought his one i see there are a couple of new formats, harddrive and dvd.
    To me honest i dont like the sound of either. I was just going to buy another Mini DV one, until i noticed the price, im guessing they are on their way out?!

    Im using my camera for filming BMX and editing short videos with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

    I would like to know what the best format is these days. And how will that effect my editing programme? Will i need a new one or will it not notice a change in the camera?

    Can anyone recommend a good camera? I was looking yesterday at a few for 260 that looked pretty good considering mine cost me 450 back then.

    Obviously i would love a VX2000 or a Canon MX1, but that aint gona happen. My budget could stretch to maybe 550 at a push. I would like to stay around 300 if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

    All the best,


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    Keep clear of dvd camcorders most of them (certainly the ones in your price range) aren't all that good. I've no experience of consumer hard drive camcorders but, in your position, would personally go for mini dv which is still a great format.

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    I agree - go for mini dv - best to edit on - best quality - highest bit rate.

    In the consumer market DV may appear to be 'on the way out', but that is more a result of sales babble rather than facts.

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I just got myself a Panasonic GS500 for 450. Well pleased!

    I understand its not as good as the GS400, however, i think its excellent value for money.

    Im glad i stuck with Mini DV, i hear the compression format on the harddrive cams is hard to work with, and i dont want to waste time faffing around.

    Many thanks!

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    You did the right thing by sticking to MiniDV. Those other formats are pre-compresseed so you would need to un-compress in order to edit. So before you start editing you've already lost some quality. With MiniDV you're always (if you do things right) editign uncompressed footage and get the best results possible for consumers.

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