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    I have a brand new 3GHZ Desktop computer which I upgraded to 2GB RAM. It has a 140GB HD. All perfectly capable of recording video.

    I also have a Notebook with 1.4GHZ processor and very little HD space with 2GB RAM.

    Both are WXP SP2

    I want to copy and edit my old VHS tapes as they all have bits and things on them I want to stitch together onto DVD.

    For video transfer I use:

    AVerMedia DVD EZmaker USB2.0

    I have well above the specs required.

    Problem is, both on my Desktop and Notebook, the video feed and the audio feed are totally out of sync.

    Actually, the video quality isn't too crash hot either.

    I am using the built in Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and the Mauve software that came with the Desktop.

    On the notebook I tried Cyberlink PowerDirector1 (came free with a magazine) and Ulead Movie Factory 2SE.

    No matter what the software, the outcome is the same, even taking a direct TV feed off the satellit box.

    So, what is at fault?

    The system specs I know are fine, so is it the software or is it the USB video thingy

    EZMaker - I think not somehow!!!

    Thank you all for your kind help...

    Love Belinda xxxxxx
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    These USB2.0 devices are the problem not the computers.

    For many years now firewire has been the industry standard for video capture as it is capable of continuous data throughput. USB is not.

    It is the box and type of connection that is the problem, capturing the audio to the sound card and video to the recorder and mixing back together just adds to many discrepencies, using firewire the audio and video come in together.

    Check the aver website FAQ to see if there are any recommended settings for capturing from VHS.

    If possible take it back and get a firewire converter, if you have lots of videos to do the extra money will save you much frustration and hair pulling, and the video will be in easy to edit DV format and even though VHS is quite poor to start with, this type of conversion will give better quality than USB.

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