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    No. I'm not from the MPAA but this is sort-of a request. We have a school assignment to make a funny movie. I searched the web, but came up empty handed. I was wondering does anyone know where I could get high resolution pictures of the MPAA warnings. (Green background - .. blah blah for all audiences blah blah ..

    I am, of course, going to edit it but seeing as I'm not in the states and the movie is directed for a very specific group (my class) I'm hoping the MPAA won't notice.

    Anyway, to sum it up, can anyone give me high-resolution versions of the MPAA trailer warnings. (I can prob. make something like it, by following the tutorial that covers the circled versions, but google didn't help me.)

    Thank you.


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    if you're going to edit it, why not just make it from scratch. their not exactly complex, find a similar font and slap it on a green background, and maybe draw a box or two...

    I used to make spoof versions of the old blue ones. always good for a laugh.

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