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    Default magic bullet issue


    My problem lies within Premiere when certain magic bullet presets are dropped onto clips. My problem occures only with the footage that has been slowed down.

    (my video is a skate video and has a lot of slow down shots, 25fps fyi)
    The flickering seems to be on the top area of the the upper field.

    Has this happened to anyone here? If you could give any suggestions I would be most greatful.

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    Do you mean it suffers after the clip has been rendered and exported or simply in the previews window.....Magic Bullet plugins are notoriously processor you won't really see any thing that looks good until you render.

    If this happens after you render, which preset have you been using?....perhaps we can track down the solution for you....have to say though....if its a skate video shot at 25fps and you've used a slow shutter speed....if you slow it down too much its going to look poor....

    get back and tell us the name of the plugin used....


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    Hey man thanks for the reply.

    The footage was filmed with my Canon XM2 at 25fps and some clips are slowed down to 70% and other clips slowed down to 60%. the quality as you can imagine drops slightly but i can live with that.

    Two of the presets used on the clips are Grad Sky and Un-Bloom and yes it flickers after it has had a ram preview and also when renered out as an avi.

    Would it be useful to upload a 10 second example of what i'm talking about?

    Thanks again for the help

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