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Thread: Interlaced mpeg2 displays on a TV with stripes

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    Default Interlaced mpeg2 displays on a TV with stripes

    I digitized my analog Hi8 tape, and compressed the video to interlaced mpeg2. It displays on the computer screen with normal minor artifacts of interlaced video on a progressive screen. But when I view it on a TV screen, every moving object splits in wide horizontal stripes, despite the video is encoded as interlaced!

    Did anybody encounter such problem?

    I used MainConcept MPEG encoder. Both the file and TV are in PAL system. I tried both field orders, but result is same for both field orders.

    What may be the cause of stripes on screen?

    Thank you for your attention.

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    OK, I figured out that the problem was in the MainConcept Encoder. I used Canopus instead, and got no trouble. But despite the perfect reputation of Canopus, MainConcept produces picture far closer to the original AVI then any other coder.

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    I even further figured out what the problem was -- my input video was a 640x480 .avi capture (interlaced), the MainConcept encoder first stretched it to 720x576 (so that lines corresponding to the upper and lower fields stretched too, one now in fact occupies 2 lines, another only one -- but the resulting stretched video is further treated as interlaced, although we no longer can say whether this line is from top or bottom field), then honestly compressed the video as interlaced mpeg2. Yes, the resulting mpeg file is interlaced, but fields are made up of random lines!

    It doesn't make sense on computer screen, but when viewed on TV via dvd player, the player first deinterlaces video, and because of deinterlacing the picture becomes distorted.

    TMPGenc, Canopus ProCoder, and CCE all made the resizing correctly, but not the MainConcept encoder -- is that a bug or I missed anything in the settings? I haven't tested MainConcept encoder with a 720x576 source, probably it would work fine when resizing is not neecessary.

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