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Thread: Capture Video with Sony TRV 140 Handycam

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    I have the Sony Handycam Digital8 TRV140 cam, and im going to transfer vieo by usb (FIREWIRE IS NOT A OPTION) i've done it with USB before, audio and video but i can't find my cd after i formatted. i used PIXELA ImageMixer and it worked great if someone wants to email it to me.. that would be aweosme or if you have suggestions on anything else that will caputre the video and audio, please help me i'm quite frustrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffinon
    ... but i can't find my cd after i formatted.
    Once formatting of your CD-RW is complete the CD should be sitting in your CD drawer so alwaysd check there first. It's a the thing on the front of your PC labelled '32x'. Sometimes known as the 'cup holder'.

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

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    hmmm i don't think i really need that cd, but maybe some type of drivers...... any clue on where to start? ( = waste of time, so far at least)

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    For drivers and support queries try this link,

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