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    Hi, my name is "shamrok" and im currently at college doing a BTEC in media production. I really enjoy it. Im also trying to set up my own video production company "shamrok entertainment" and so im just trying to get some experience under my belt. I hope to go to uni and do media production. My step dad has just agreed to help me fund my editing suite, so by the time i start uni that should be set up. Im only 17 at the moment, not sure what the average age is on here but hey, i like a mix of ppl any way. so thats it for now. thanks in advance for reading


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    Welcome to the forums, Shamrok!

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    Lo Shamrok,

    Cool! Just ignore the uni tutors who tell you setting up your own production company is a bad idea. I set mine up as soon as I left just to spite them, so far so good. Wish my dad funded my suite tho!! Jammy dodger!


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