Hello, I am new to all of this movie stuff and am in need of a little help.
I have got a Sony DCR-DVD105E. I have been using 8cm DVD-RW in both VR mode and VIDEO mode, and am having little success.

The problems i am having are:
1) Using Roxio 9, I am unable to get any of the video clips I have recorded listed to save them on to my laptop (Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista).
2) I have been able to get clips using Windows Movie Maker, from the VOB files (2 other file types are listed but I am unable to import these, but these are either cut short, incomplete, or if I have more than one video clip on the disc, not all listed (unless I click on the timeline bar and then i see random sections of video clips).
Both these problems occur whichever mode I am in, or whether I have finalised the disc or not.

I am wondering whether using a DVD+RW disc would be better suited, but dont want to wate time trying if it will not help.

All I really want to be able to do, is when I have a number of video clips recorded onto the 8cm disc, put that it in to my laptop, and save them to my hard drive, edit them if necessary so I have a video diary of a family holiday.

If anyone is able to give me any hep or advice on this one, I would be much grately appreciate it.
Graham PS Sorry them thread is so long