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Thread: Sony Vegas7 - Two Part Problem

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    Exclamation Sony Vegas7 - Two Part Problem

    Hi, I own a sony vegas7, and once I finished installing it without any problems and such a certain problem occured. I usually own mostly .avi format files and have the combined community codec pack installed, but when I started using sony vegas7 and opened a .avi file, in the project screen there was only music and no media at all. When I checked in the trimmer there was only music and for media it says it was offline. I decided to check the properties on my .avi files and found this:

    Then I came upon a few media files I have that had a different compression of this. It seems that I am only able to see media from media files of this compression and those of .wmv. But even though a small fraction of the few compression media of this type sometime stutters. So my question is dvided into two parts. How can I make the rest of my .avi files work on sony vegas 7, and how would I fix the stuttering in some of the MS-WMV9 compressed files which makes the media seem laggy?

    Hope that was as thorough as I could explain.

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    Vegas cant read Xvid but there are 2 FourCC changers in google, so change the fourcc from XVID to DIVX and have ffdshow or divx codec play it for u in vegas.

    make a backup just in case you are stickler for backing things up lol

    g luck

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    So basically I should download the FourCC changer and it should convert the video compression of XVID to DIVX?
    Theres no settings I should change for the ffdshow on ccc codec correct? Just having it installed and opening a video file after using FourCC changer with that file would work?

    (Sorry about the multiple questions. Just making sure since I don't want to make a mistake.)

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    just tricking vegas into thinking its a DIVX instead of will get ffdshow to play it

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    Hmm doesn't work, when I change the FourCC used codec to DIVX, it works on media player, but it still says stream offline on sony vegas 7. It doesn't look like it changed though, the properties are still XVID. Is there something I have to do with combined communtiy codec to enable it?
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    make sure it capitalised DIVX

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    I have, the media is still offline. Streaming attributes could not be determined, etc

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