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    I'm planning on getting a Canon HV20. I read at another forum that there is a way to use two HV20s, using one as a deck. I have a small school and would like to use two cameras for school shows. One of the cameras would also take in an audio feed from an audio mixer. I'll be downloading to a MAC and editing on iMovie HD. I'd like to know how to do this but obviously I don't expect someone to explain it to me in a forum. But I'd appreciate a referral to a source of data on one can use 2 or 3 Canon HV20s to record an event - books, website tutorials, etc. Is this just part of standard videography that any beginning book would cover, or do I need some special source of data? Thanks. Bob

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    The main cheap way of doing this is film the event with 2 cameras then import into imovie and then sync together. Main draw backs with this is you really have to import the whole footage in one go and the you only have to sync the footage once.
    You could also connect the 2 camera's to a video mixer and mix the event live. Draw backs are that you only get one chance at this to get it right. You would then use your camera's as camera's rather than recorders. The recording would be done via a conection from the video mixer to your pc.

    Not an expert on this, just my experience.
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    I really wouldn't mix live unless you really know what you're doing. Far better to record with two cameras and sort it out in the edit.

    When it comes to getting the footage in sync, it's a lot easier to sync the soundtracks than the images.

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    I did this recently and at least with two cameras recording when someone walks in front of the stage ( they always do at these shows) and blocks your view you can mix in the edit.
    vision mixing is seat of your pants stuff.
    anyone see match of the day last weekend when somehow a plane landing from a pilots POV somehow ended up instead of a live interview!
    once you sync the audio its much easier.
    i sometimes run a third on the audience as an alternative wide shot or to get some applause shots
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