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Thread: Want feedback on AE clip

  1. Default Want feedback on AE clip

    Hi guys!

    I just made my first clip with After Effects. It's going to be my intro to clips or video I edit or make.

    Of course, I want to do changes if it needs. I want to hear opinions... good AND bad!

    It's a 20 second clip:


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    Firstly its too long! - Its almost 19 seconds which is waaaay to long for an ident. The longets an ident can be is 10 seconds and even that is pushing it, u should aim for 5 seconds.

    Secondly there are too many ideas going on here. As a result it looks amature. The whole wave hing in the background doesnt look great except at 10 seconds where its a sunset type affair.

    The whole thing looks like you are just trying to show off your skills rather than apply a brand to your videos. An ident should be one idea kept simple.

    The name is: Liberty Video Productions - Why not just have a simple shiloette of the statue and the name come up and if you must use effects then do the particle thing out of the tourch but no more.

    my own personal ident is on this video: . Its simple - ONE idea.

  3. Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the reply!

    You know, somewhere deep in my heart, I kind of knew that but I have a hard time keeping things simple sometimes. I guess part of being proffessional is keeping things simple when they need to.

    I'll try to work on a simpler one and post it.

    Thanks again!

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    you hvae a couple of good ideas so keep at it!

    It is hard when you're trying to get it right. its hard to get clarity on whats the best way forward. you could starts by simplifying what you have then come up with 2/3 new simplified ideas taking the ideas from this original one.

    good luck!

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    The first thing that struck me was the colouring. In a similar way to music it could be nice to find a key for the colours.

    If your going to simplify it this would be easier to do. Perhaps find a few simple colours and work with them together.


  6. Default Take 2!

    Ok, took your advice and worked on it, creating a second version.

    The things I tried to improve were:

    1. Shorten the clip. (Shortened it from 20 seconds to 10)
    2. Less going on. (I kept only the sunset background, like was suggested)
    3. Enhancing the story. (Main focus on company name).
    4. Keeping it more simple. ("simple" is not my middle name and I might still have to work on that!

    I will redo this clip 100 times if that what it takes, until I get one that is perfect to the viewers eyes!

    Here's the second version:
    YouTube - LIBERTY Video Productions Intro

    I'd appreciate further help and comments.
    Thank you guys so much!

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    I think your statue stands out too much, it just seems to be there. This is mostly due to the colouring. It doesn't exist within the same lighting conditions as anything else.


  8. Default David...

    Thanks David!

    I toke note. Will be changed after I get other feedback!

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    The first half is beautiful. That alone stands up as a good ident. Short and punchy.

    I'd loose the second half as the statue looks wrong.

    Again this is 2 ideas as one. If you really wanna use the liberty logo - howabout adding it to the front part to the left of the letter "L" but make it the smae size as the L - or take just the head of the statue.

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    That sounds like a good idea. Is the fire in the torch too much?

    The reason I continue to the water is from other idents I see before movies... there's one that you see a drop of water fall into a pond and then the pond gets bigger until the text is shown.

    There is the one where a flying zoom is over the waters and then New York comes into view.

    Then of course there is the famous one of hollywood with the spotlights on the rotating buildings.... and many times followed by the roaring lion.

    These don't seem to be too much graphics. I want to get a suttle image into it. hmmmm. Just keeping the first half would be chalenging for me... (breaks my heart!

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