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Thread: lining up audio more precisely.

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    Default lining up audio more precisely.

    I have been making remixes of music videos using Sony Vegas. When I try to line up 2 different audios, sometimes I'm either too early or too late to get them perfectly in sync. I've uploaded 2 screenshots to show what I mean.

    I want to use the audio from the lower audio track. The top picture shows that the upper audio track comes in a tad bit early. When I try to move the track to the right to line them up, it now shows the audio track coming in too late. Please keep in mind that I'm zoomed in pretty close. I've tried enabling and disabling the Snap feature, so I know it isn't that. I've exported both ways, and it's very hard to tell the difference, but I really would like it to be perfect. I am a long time Sony Acid user, and lining up audio with that program is very precise. I'm not sure why I can't do it in Vegas or maybe I am just missing something. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Under options there is the option to "quantize frames" (or something like that), that will allow you to slide the audio as you please. Be careful as it also applies to the Video and so can end up sliding clips that then don't fit in to the proper frame duration (1/25th)

    there is also a shortcut key but cannot remember what that is,.

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    That's exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!

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    Do what Cheema says, PLUS [ this is what I do] click on the Event you want to slide; create a loop region by scrubbing the area ABOVE the timeline; hit PLAY and use the Numeric Notepad to nudge - "4" for left and "6" for right - so you can HEAR the echo reducing to a minimum. This ways you are hearing and is a good test to sync. I wouldn;t rely solely on the graphics - yeah?

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