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Thread: Dogcam flight test

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    Default Dogcam flight test

    I thought I'd pop this in for a taster - We tested the downlink from a RC Raptor helicopter yesterday. This was the result.

    Video Channel: The APV Commercial Channel | Veoh Video Network

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    Oooh, very nice! Can understand why you limited the onboard action, but I really wanted to see more - getting close to those trees and hard cutting from a fly by. Think it's crying out for an onboard shot of the raptor approaching an object or person, then a close up fly by as it hurtles past the camerea / person. Know it's a test, but the onboard stuff seemed to be there because you can rather than adding that wow factor.

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    Hi Marc - nice of you to watch and reply. I too was crying out for the same shots - It didn't happen!
    These were the only viable shots of the 2 hours filming that day, so I hacked a few shots of the day together to mix to the track for the lads who were there. This was also the very first fly test of the downlink. Though we now think we've cracked the reason for the horrendous break up of the video, we've still a lot to learn.
    I hadn't realised how fast these things go and as there were at least 2 choppers in the air at once, very dangerous. I did request a shot of the Raptor tailing another in flight, the experts said it was hard enough watching their own heli in flight, let alone synching with someone else.
    Next time should see a vast improvement in both downlink quality and pilot skills, which for filming are going to be totally different than normal flying skills.
    I did have talkback to the 'pilot', but to get the pigeons in flight effect, I think the talkback would be better used between the pilots to help synchronise their angles.
    Thanks for watching.

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    Default need more downlink

    well i was trying not to blink in case i missed the downling video, nice effort all the same, keep that camera flying

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    Hi Zero can you give me more info on the specs of the helicopter this is something I'm looking into at present.

    What type of helicopter are you using? Is it Petrol or Battery Powered?

    Are you transmitting from the dogcam to ground or recording with a deck in the air?

    If transmitting what transmitter type are you using?

    I have been thinking about this for a while but I'm wondering how much the helicopter can lift E.G you have the helo then the Dogcam (needs a battery) the a transmitter (needs a battery). is it ok with all that weight?

    Cheers for any info you can give.

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    Cheers for watching guys and sorry for the late reply, musta been asleep or something.
    The heli is a Raptor model, petrol engined and we were transmitting from the heli down to a cam with av in, on the ground. No idea about the transmitter/receiver model, the 'pilot has this kit at his end, though they are easily sourced on ebay and the like.
    This model can lift a whole lot more than the current dogcam/tran/batteries, in fact it will take a whole camera (2kg) up if needed.

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    Cheers for the info Zero if you can get hold of the transmitter info that would be great been looking at these Wireless Audio Video AV Camera Transmitter 3000mW (item 220040073806 end time 19-Apr-07 16:34:51 BST)

    hopefully they would be the job

    Glad it can lift a good weight I suppose the big thing will be learning to fly it LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badllarma View Post
    Glad it can lift a good weight I suppose the big thing will be learning to fly it LOL
    Yep! - Flying these things is dangerous stuff. Either contact a local RC flying club, or take some serious lessons on a flight simulator before even trying to crank it up.
    Arms and heads have gone AWOL even with experienced operators. Carbon fibre
    blades turning at the velocity they do, have no mercy and flesh is by far the easist to slice thinly.

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    Is it just me, or is the video about diggin in the ground?
    taking impossibility to a whole new level

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    Apologies - it's been moved to here Online Video: Downlink Test flight | Veoh Video Network
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