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Thread: How to create a Flash Cut

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    Default How to create a Flash Cut

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a flash cut which is very popular in movies and music videos. The cut looks very similar to a photgraphic bulb being flashed.

    The caemra flashes to white, you cut to a different frame during the flash then the flash gradually dies down revealing the new image.

    It was used alot in Bad Boys. Does anyone have any idea how to create this effect in Premier?


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    just thinking out loud here but...

    Splice in a frame or two of pure white. Use JPEG or something.

    Then cut to your footage and using a video effect turnt he brightness way wayup and then lower it by key framing until it;s back to normal level.

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    Will try that Millsy.


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    I don't know if you need to go to that much trouble. Just put a white colour matte on the video B track. Overlap the two clips you want over the white and stick in a cross dissolve in the overlap. You may need to fiddle round with the durations of the transition to make it look right, but I've found that 4 frames dissolve to white, 2 frames pure white and then 4 frames dissolve from white seems to be best.
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    im sure if you screw around with it and see the actual abillity of premier, youll figure out how to do it and tweak it as much as you want to
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    As you can see there are several different ways to do this effect, my preferred method is to not use any white mattes but to use a combination of keyframed contrast/brightness adjustments combined with blur filters applied over the two clips in the cut. I sometimes also keyframe the saturation or add alpha glow as well.

    Start by just adjusting the brightness and contrast, if you max out the brightness you get a white screen. By adjusting the contrast you can really intensify the colours before the whiteout.

    Adding blur on top of high contrast will make your footage look cartoony.


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    Thanks Guys, i'll start experimenting.

    Chris Robert

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    Default another advice

    hi you can try elso Video to Flash Converter i worked with it and i do not complane!btw this prog have trialware its without timelimit.i think you need to try it.on site you can find lot of good progs...i have a couple

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    Default Video Tutorials & Post Production

    This preset might also come in handy, if you're using After Effects that is.

    Lol, replying to a three year old thread here. Oh well.

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    Default oops!

    its really old lol im blind
    even do not know how i find it))
    ok ok laught at me))

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