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Thread: Studio 10 render failure

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    Default Studio 10 render failure

    I have a major problem with Studio 10.7 which has been upgraded over time from Studio 8. I have a edited movie approx 40 min with full screen and overlay captions plus transitions. Each time I try to make a dvd it stops rendering when it reaches the first caption. IF I remove all captions it renders successfully. I have spent hours with pinnacle support who confirmed my computer was well within spec AMD 64 PROC 3000+ 250GB HARDISK 1 GM MEMORY, GEFORCE FX 5500 VIDEO CARD.
    As an experiment I loaded Studio on to a laptop with a much lower spec and it rendered perfectly. So I must have a problem with my main computer. Anybody got any ideas as I am at a total loss as to what to do next

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    I can't answer your specific problem, but I have in the past had a problem rendering to dvd when there were pictures on the timeline. My solution was to render as an .avi file first, then open the avi file on the timeline as a new project, do any titles etc, and then burn the dvd. In fact as a general rule, always render the finished movie as an avi file, then put on the dvd menu to the final avi version as a new project, and burn the dvd.

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    Default Studio 10 render failure

    Thanks for info. Unbelieveably the problem was resolved yesterday. Pinnacle released a 10.8 beta patch this week which when installed dealt with the problem. Having spent 6 months getting no where with Pinnacle support I cannot believe they were not aware of the problem. I still dont understand why the programme worked on my laptop but not on main computer
    Now we wait for next glitch

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