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Thread: I've lost quality when upgraded Monitor...anyway to get that quality back?

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    Exclamation I've lost quality when upgraded Monitor...anyway to get that quality back?

    Hello everyone, Im new to the forums here and did'nt get an oppertunity to search like I should have yet. I'm an avid Frapper for a raid guild and I was just realizing a huge loss of quality since I upgraded my old monitor to a 19" widescreen.
    I now get the Widescreen black lines above and below my fraps when editing with Power Director. A freind of mine said that changing my FPS to NTSC would do the trick but it has'nt (changed both FPS in fraps and in PD).

    My files are saved as avi before and after I use Virtual Dub for re-compression. I don't see a huge loss of quality from the compression itself and the raw files played on any player look as they did before.

    So I guess my questions are;

    1) Is there any way or setting to remove the black lines and recapture the quality I had once with my old monitor?

    2) Is there another video editing program (maybe Pinnacle) that has a better conversion from fraps that will not cause that problem to occur in the first place?

    3) Is there something I can do in my monitor settings to improve the quality of my frapped videos?

    4) Can I use another program like Nero encoding to help my situation?

    Thanks all for reviewing my long post..any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your monitor should have no bearing whatsoever unless FRAPS captures at the screen resolution your monitor is set to, which seems apparent. To get back to what you had before, change the screen resolution to your previous settings (this will result in an apparent stretching of the image on your display, but will not be shown on the saved video).

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    Thanks MP for the quick response...after alot of trial and error I ended up figuring that out. So I guess I have to choose the lesser of 2 evils in this situation, widescreen allows my hotbars and UI jargon to look I guess Ill start resizing my video players tohost in widescreen format so it's not as bad. Thanks again

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