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Thread: Captured Audio In Studio Crackles - Please Help!

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    Default Captured Audio In Studio Crackles - Please Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'll try & make this short!

    I canít find a solution anywhere, I have asked pinnacle but they just sent me the same information that is on their website to no avail.

    I have a DC10+ card with Studio 8. Had the same problem with Studio 7 as well. I never used to have this problem. I have even reformatted my hard disk and reinstalled windows and the problem is still there.

    The audio that is captured with studio has crackles and pops in it, this only happens when there is noise (like people talking) It doesnít happen when there is silence. Itís like a distortion,

    As you know dc10+ only captures video, audio is captured through your separate sound card.
    I don't think it's my soundcard because if I capture the same audio
    (ĎLine Iní or ĎMicí input) With the same setup etc. but I use Windows sound recorder or Cool Edit to capture the sound, the audio playback is perfect! I have XP and a Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor Sound Card.

    Please someone help me. I have lived with this for 12 months now!
    Is there another forum that you recommend I should post this on.


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