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    I really fell in love with the Panasonic AG-DVX100B camera and want to get it, but the problem is, it only comes in 2 formats: NTSC or PAL. The US version does 24P/30P/60i. The PAL version does 25P/50i. There is no one version of the camera that does both 25P and 30P.

    I need to make both PAL and NTSC videos, since I will have different projects that will need different formats.

    Is it a big deal to get this camera and convert from PAL to NTSC or visa versa when needed, or do I have to give up this purchace and get a camera that can shoot both?

    Thank you

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    There is no eqpt that shoots in both standards. And the conversion would degrade quality significantly, so there's no point in doing that. Forget about saving some money with the NTSC version and get the PAL camcorder (if you're an European).

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    Actually, there ARE cameras that can shoot both NTSC or PAL, like the Sony Z1 and PDW-F330/350 and there are more and more being made. Some cameras can have this feature added by the manufacter for an extra cost (like the Canon XH A1 - for an extra $500).

    So I guess I'll go with PAL and convert to NTSC when needed.


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    Do whatever you wanna do. Although I wouldn't do it.

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    What do you mean you wouldn't do it? You suggested that I get PAL if I live in a European Country, which I do. So what else do you suggest?

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    I wouldn't buy NTSC and then convert to PAL. That's what I meant.

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