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    I am a newcomer to video editing and have just taken my first videos of a cycle race using an Archos 504 with a helmet cam. The clips when downloaded to Windows Media Player are great and play with no problems. I now want to edit the results and add music etc. However I cannot import the video files (mpeg-4 with AVI file extension) into Windows Moviemaker as it advises the necessary codec is not installed. Archos are less than helpful and will not specify the codec and although I have searched MS for codecs I am not expert enough to decide which is suitable. I have downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 3 but this requires a further download of QuickTime to permit use of mpeg-4. Quicktime is not free. I am quite happy to pay for full versions of the applications but would like to be sure they work first. It concerns me that Archos might use a special codec or software. Any help much appreciated or suggestion of any other editing software which would be suitable T I A


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    This might work if moviemaker likes divx, just install the dix codec, it's free.

    Failing that try using 'superc' to convert to a format mmaker handles, thats free too, google it.

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    Many thanks Mark, Div X did the business and both moviemaker and elements now import the clips ok.

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