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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 10.7 snag

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 10.7 snag

    I have a problem when I want to add a CD track to my movie. Sometimes when I select a track, it shows on the screen as loading then it suddenly stops, nothing has been put on the movie, and I can't eject the CD from the drive unless I reboot. Then, when I put the CD back in and select a track, it just ejects the disc and asks me to re-insert it. So I tried to get around it by copying the track as an mp3 file in Itunes. But how do I access the Itunes folder from Pinnacle. Sorry, forgot to say,I'm a newbie to editing and to this board, so be gentle with me

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    Hmmm. I have to admit I get my music off CD via Soundforge and save as either .wav or .mp3 and then drag and drop them to the sound track. Never used itunes, but accessing the folder should presumably be the same.

    Click on the speaker icon, it defaults to pinnacles own sound effects folder, the click on the folder icon next to the drop down menu, a normal browser window opens, go to your itunes folder, and double click the music you want. The whole folder should open, drag the tune you want to the timeline.

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