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    Default Here's another one

    I entered a video for a contest (Red Hot Chili Peppers) ... I took your suggestions on the last one to heart and I'm happy with the results (as far as picture quality). Let me know what you think of this vid.

    Again thank you so much for your help... you guys are awesome.

    By the way the contest doesn't end until April 20th if anyone is interested in submitting a vid. Just go to and under "community" you'll see it there under "Direct a video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers".

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    Much, much better!

    I really enjoyed your latest video and thought that it worked really well (especially as I don't like the song that much!) and it deserves praise for execution, editing and effects. The "story" is cool and the visuals work. Any negative comments would only be nit-picking and just my personal view (the camera could have been framed a bit closer, a tad more camera movement, a bit tighter on the editing and the girls should have been nekkid, in my opinion) but that's just me being picky.

    Well done chaps...A video to be proud of.

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    I agree on the camera movement and shots. Unfortunately I'm the camera man... and my hands are so shaky it's a wonder I can even hold a camera. I just found out someone I know has a passion for camera work. So I'm going to enlist him in the process after I teach him what I've learned about the technicalities of the camera. Hopefully that will work out.

    As far as the tighter camera frame... I agree and that's something I'm going to focus more on in the future. I noticed that when I was editing. Unfortunately due to schedule conflicts with work and what not my time with the camera and actors is very limited. Basically almost every hour outside of work is spent researching, creating, or editing. Trying to get my hours lined up with my actors is an insane challenge in itself. We basically had that one day that we could all get together and that was out of luck.

    Hehe... as far as the girls in their birthday suits... well I agree but I don't think some of society would lol.

    What were you referring to as "tighter on the editing"? Could you be more specific?

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    Any more reviews/suggestions?

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    i looked at your video, let me explain tighter editing, and a tighter frame would induce it in your video, some shots wait for the person to exit frame before the edit....if the frame was tighter the edit point would be sooner...

    there are people shrugging and suggesting a feeling, you only need to see one emotion per edit, not a double emotion..

    due to the fact we see the same actions in reverse at the end, this can be really shortened up, the audience are not dumb, once again it needs much tighter framing.

    the big secret is to have your video already edited in your brain as you shoot, and good framing is a must.....really get to know your rule of thirds in framing, this video is lacking this most important aspect of video craft.

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    Just looked up the rule of thirds you mentioned. I'll try to be more aware of that in future shots. Thanks for the feedback!


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