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Thread: Looking for Beta testers from the UK

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    Default Looking for Beta testers from the UK

    Hello Everybody,

    I recently founded a company called Vircas ( that is offering a better video streaming quality over the Internet (from TV to High-Def quality). We are currently implementing our network in the UK and we would like to find a group of great folks willing to download our player and test it.

    Implementing a global network is a very important - and extremely expensive - step for us. As we have planned to launch our next product in July we better make sure that everything is working smoothly first

    Here is what we need from the beta testers (windows users only for now):

    Here are the feedback details we are looking for:


    CPU (GHz):
    RAM (MB):

    Graphic Card:

    Type of connection (Wireless, ADSL, etc...):
    Download Speed (from the speed test):

    ISP name:

    UK Location (County):

    Your comment (How was your streaming experience?):


    Regarding our player and our technology, we are not doing any progressive downloads so no content will remain in your hard drive. We are not using any P2P technologies. And 90% of our technology is sitting on our servers; the player just decodes our compressed files.

    Thank you very much for your time and your help.

    - Vincent

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    No Mac Support :-/ gets my vote then...

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    I haave to download a player - thats no good! i trust no internet downlaoded plugins! -Sorry but its just not worth the effort or time

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    My thoughts entirely - an unknown third party application that by its very nature will require my firewall permission to access the internet.

    I will wait until this application is mainstream and has been become trusted.

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