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Thread: Moral question about uploaded demo clip

  1. Default Moral question about uploaded demo clip

    I made a site for a new video production company I am starting. I uploaded to my site a few demo clips of family occasions I have filmed and edited over the past few years.

    Someone brought an issue to my attention and I wanted to ask you guys what you think of it:

    The general issue is about asking the subjects on the video for their permission to use them as a demo clip on my site. But I want to devide this issue into 2 sub issues:

    1. The main subject of the video... say, in a video clip of a wedding, the bride and groom.
    2. The other subjects in the video... like the guests.

    I think I agree that the with main subject\s, it would be moraly right to ask for their permission. I don't even see a reason why not to ask.
    As for the other subjects... do you think I should call each and every one to ask permission for him or her to be seen on a public site?


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    Genera;;y speaking anyone who features in a video should be asked however its not always done. Dont worry about crowd people - do you really intend on tracking down each individual in a large crowd/group of guests? No That would be rediculous.

    On my work site we dont ask permission of out clients wether we can use their material as samples on our site. Through experience we know when and when not to use clips. We have a god understanding of our clients profiles and what they deem confidential and what can be shown.

    If we are unsure - we ask.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll add a little more to the question:

    Let's say someone doesn't mind being shown on a clip... but dissaproves being shown on the same page that has another clip that contains censored nudity.

    That was my real issue. I don't think someone can complain about a clip I have on my page that the subject is not even in it. Furthermore, the subject that is complaining is not even a main subject of that clip! He's a guest that you see passing by for about 2 seconds.

    I was just wondering if I should go through the trouble of re-editing the clip to delete him from it and re-uploading it.

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    I would just create a new page with the censored clip on that. I find it odd that you would have both on a page together anyway.... Seems an odd mix.

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    If the person who's paying for it does not mind then dont worry.

    If you wanna see how we have displayed our samples have a look at our site:
    -= m e d i a c h i l l =- Our Work

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    No one paid for anything. It's all clips that I had shot and edited over the years as a hobby. Some were for friends and some for family. I just started a website and only have 4 clips to show as demo, so that's why they are on the same page and I can't make nice catagories like irishmark did.

    Maybe look here and understand:

    Zvi Twersky's Video Production - Demo Clips
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