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Thread: Choosing the right package for HDV

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    Default Choosing the right package for HDV

    Hi there, I'm looking for a low-end editing package that can handle some high-end abuse. I've been asked to edit a (microbudget) feature which has been shot on HDV, and I have 14 hours of rushes to fool around with. The problem is that my edit package of choice is Avid Xpress Pro on the university Macs, but it's way out of my price range (preferably less than 50) for the old home PC. I have a couple of apps, but they won't handle HDV, and I have no particular reason to be loyal to one package over another (besides a pathalogical hatred of anything beginning with "Microsoft"). If it makes a difference, I'm probably planning to downconvert from HD to SD until the final edit is locked.

    Effectively what I'm asking is: What would you recommend for a large amount of HDV capturing/editing/authoring? Any suggestions?

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    There's not really a solution for this. HDV is highend stuff. There are probably some budget appz being released that will support HDV but they probably wont be easy to use or be extremely limited.

    The budget version of Sony Vegas which is already quite cheap does not support HDV so you will be hard pressed to find an application that will be cheap and capable.

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    And you'll need lots of disk space. 14 hours of HDV captures is likely going to require about 700 Gb of disk space. Allow room to edit and render and you're going to need in excess of 1TB (is thast the right abbreviation?) of disk space. Unbless you downconvert at capture time which I wouldn't normally recommend.

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    Thanks for the replies, chaps. I know that HD is hugely resource-hungry, which is why I will be editing the rushes together in SD format. A terabyte is just out of the question. Once I have the final edit locked I'll only need to capture a couple of hours of HDV based on the EDL.

    I didn't articulate myself correctly, but in my defence, I've been spaced out on painkillers for a while (a long, boring story).
    So, I figure I'll be able to get by with an editing system which can definitely handle 14 hours worth of SD, but it will also need the capability of capturing some HD material (worst case I'll arrange a third party for the final assembly). I know that Studio+ 10 can do the second part, but I wouldn't like to try handling that amount of SD rushes using it. I keep hearing nice things about Vegas (including that it can capture HD) but I don't know how it would deal with the quantities involved...

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