Have previously transferred DV in AVI format many times from Sony DCR-TRV890E using Pinnacle software via firewire without problem.

Now have Sony HDR-HC7E high def camera.

Uploaded drivers and Sony Picture Utility (as supplied with camcorder) from CDROM.

I connect camera using 6pin to 4pin firewire.

Video capture box automatically opens (Sony utility).

I press the capture button and tape starts to drive in camcorder, but no image captured and tape stops after 10secs due to lack of data transfer.

Tried various settings - iLink set for HDV to DV conversion, VCR HDV/DV set to DV, but to no avail.

Tried using Pinnacle software. Again, I can control the camera playback, but no video is transferred.

(The old camcorder still transfers without problem so I guess the cable and firewire card must be OK).

Any suggestions....?? I'm getting pretty frustrated and don't know what to try next.