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    I have an avi file which I tried to burn to vcd with Nero. Nero would not burn it said it had an invalid mpeg file. Tried converting the file in TMPGEnc Plus. This worked except there was no audio. Can anyone help


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    OK not answering your question per se but....

    If you're doing this to play it in a set top DVD player you may not need to bother. I've seen DVD players that will pick up and play an AVI file from a data CD just as they will pick up and display JPG files.

    You might want to do a test burn on a re-writable disk to see.

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    Tried encoding another file with TMPGEnc Plus. This one worked the difference seemed to be that with the first file it only showed a video file and not an audio. With the next file I tried when I opened the file in TMPGEnc it showed both audio and video. The video VCD on the first file was very good except of course there was no audio.

    Does anyone know of a way around this?

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    rip the audio out with virtualdub, reencode it in another app (besweet probably) then mux it back into the new video in tmpgenc.


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