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    Default internet video time

    I was browsing the user video forums and it struck me. I will happily sit and watch a decent hour long drama on television, I'll watch a half hour episode of a comedy and have no problems watching a good film.

    But when it comes to the internet I won't even consider watching anything near as long, why?

    It's not the size of the computer screen, buffering or unwatchable picture quality issues of a few years back, things are dramatically improving on that front. It's not there yet but when it is I still won't watch things like I do on the television.

    For me I think because I'm not specifically on the computer to watch video's, I just do while doing other things.

    With internet video becoming more legitimate I think it could be usefull to hear views and opinions on what length, quality, content etc. people are happy to watch on the internet.

    I think I might be a bit impatient on this one. If I see a video is as long as 2 minutes I'll make a decision within the first 10 - 20 seconds whether to continue watching or not. If it starts good I'll watch a 3 minute clip if it's 4 - 5 minutes I'll possibly watch it but probably note it to watch when I have time. Anything closer to 10 minutes or over I'll only watch if it comes recomended.

    I'm curious there what others think.


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    Very good point.

    I'll start to watch something on the internet, if it doesn't grab within a few seconds, then it's off! The only exceptions being stuff which is posted on videoforums for feedback.

    I think that it's because there is so much rubbish on the internet. Every fool and his brother thinks that (a) they're undiscovered video geniuses, (b) they've got something to say and (c) we give a toss. Sometimes I'll end up watching something on television which wouldn't normally wouldn't interest me bacause it's been well made, the technical side is up to scratch and it's been well presented.
    This doesn't happen on the internet.
    The quality of the productions are often so low that, even if it interest me, I can't bear the crappy camerawork, awful sound and sloppy editing.

    I reckon that 10 mins is my absolute internet limit. Anything longer and I want to see it on a proper screen or I'll get it on DVD.

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    Aye to the above.

    Utill recently poor bit rate / content / buffering has kept my net viewing very specific, weird stuff thats not on the telly. However over the last year or so really good content has started appearing that is just tolerable at 200 - 500 kbit. Who killed the electric car and the gw swindle were watched this week.

    I am now seroiusly considering a tv pc to increse my viewing comfort.

    Roll on g vid and you tube with a sensible b width, like 1 mbit min.

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